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2118 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC


July 20-sep 8

Monday - Sunday
5:00pm - 10:00pm


Owner Carmine Paradiso’s Italian roots run deep. Born in Southern Italy, Carmine grew up in East Vancouver’s historic Italian Canadian community. When he discovered it was impossible to find authentic Neapolitan pizza in Vancouver, he put his heart and stomach into building NOVO Pizzeria & Wine Bar, his own Neapolitan pizzeria complete with wood-burning oven.

The only thing Carmine loves more than good food is his family. NOVO combines the two: the spacious Vancouver pizzeria is a place where families and friends can linger over authentic Neapolitan pizza and wine. Along with an expansive wine bar, NOVO features a full menu that includes antipasti, salads and home-style pasta dishes reminiscent of Carmine’s childhood.

Since opening in August 2011, NOVO has received rave reviews. Metro News Vancouver food writer Erin Ireland described NOVO’s pizza as ranking “second to the life changing pie I ate at Naples’ Anitica Pizzeria de Michele.” Despite the media buzz, NOVO maintains its roots as a down-to-earth, food-focused destination.


Our pizza dough starts off with imported, “00” stone-ground Caputo flour—the number one choice of pizzaiolis in Italy. We add water, salt, yeast and love. We age our dough for 48 hours to enhance the flavour and texture.

We shape each dough by hand, and top it with hand-crushed tomatoes and fresh, quality regional ingredients. Now ready for our wood fuelled wood-burning oven, it will cook for about a minute at approximately 900 degrees, with the flavour of the wood being imparted on every pie.

We top our pizza with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of flaked sea salt. Then we say buon appetito and let you discover the rest by taste.


NOVO has the first wood-fired pizza oven in Kitsilano. Getting the 900-degree, wood-burning beauty was no easy feat. Despite the construction and permit challenges, Carmine refused to compromise on the quality of the pizza. It was a wood-fired pizza oven or nothing.

Determined to make it happen, he drilled through three floors of concrete for proper ventilation and sweet talked fellow tenants. The dream became a reality. The result is NOVO’s delicious, blistered, chewy pizza crust that keeps guests coming back for more.