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New Years Eve Celebration

Passion For Pizza

Just how passionate is Carmine, owner of Novo, for pizza. Well, he is so passionate that when he created Novo Pizzeria he could not bring himself to cook pizza with anything other than a wood oven. The restaurant before renovation had a gas burning pizza oven but it did not meet Carmine’s passion for Neapolitan pizza. So when renovations occurred  and having a construction background, Carmine simply put in a new chimney stack up through the three floors of the building and converted the gas oven to a wood burning oven. How? They literally filled up the top and bottom with cement to create an oven thick enough to hold the heat. If you have ever had pizza at Novo you can taste the results!


Why is wood so good? It is because wood can create a greater amount of heat in an oven over gas. At approximately 900 degrees it cooks a pizza in about one and a half minutes. This fast cooking process makes the dough crispy rather than spongy like a lot of North American pizza.


This passion for pizza also meant that only Caputo flour could be used. Caputo flour is a blend of flour designed to be the best pizza flour in the world. Once the dough is made, Novo ages it for a minimum of two days for greater flavour. For more information on Caputo flour go here.


And the cheese…Fior-di-Latte is used (Italian for “Flower of the Milk”). It is a fresh mozzarella that has a distinctive taste. Burrata cheese is also used on one of the pizza’s. Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from Mozzerella and cream having a very creamy flavour and soft texture. Burrata means “buttered” in Italian.


Finally, don’t forget the fresh herbs growing outside on the edge of the Patio.


This is why Novo has Passion for Pizza on it’s website, Carmine is very passionate about Pizza and food in general. If you haven’t had a Novo Pizza you must come in and try one.


“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” Hebel

An Evening of Wine and Antipasti

Our first Wine Club Series Dinner, held on September 26th was a huge success.  We met lots of great new people and by all accounts everyone had a wonderful time.


Which is why we are pleased to announce the next in our series “An Evening of Wine and Antipasti” to be held on Tuesday November 6th at 7:30.


We have partnered with Tommasi Wines for this event and the wine list is incredible.  We will be featuring 5 exquisite wines paired with some of our signature Antipasti plates and a few surprises.


Carmine has selected a menu with something for everyone, including his own home made burrata.


1- Grilled Octopus salad:  celery, potatoes, red onions, lemon and olive oil.

2- Burrata : carmelized onions, crispy smoked pancetta, basil oil

3- Selection of cheese, salumis, marinated vegetables, house bread

4- Sicilian meatballs- currants, pinenuts, reggiano, marinara sauce

5- Parmesan and basil gnocchi in a cashew pesto sauce.

6- Dessert- ( a unique surprise)


The wines include:



More information and tickets can be found here  An Evening of Wine and Antipasti


You can also call the restaurant to book at 604-736-2220, just ask for Carmine.


We look forward to seeing you




Launching New Wine Club with Pizza & Wine Pairing Event

We are very excited to launch our new series of Wine Club Dinners starting this fall.


Our first event, in partnership with our good friends at Trialto Wines, will be a casual pizza and wine tasting evening on Wednesday September 26th starting at 7:30 pm.


NOVO’s owner Carmine Paradiso will be on hand to share his passion for pizza, while Crystal Thomas, W.S.E.T Certified wine expert and members of her team from Trialto Wines will be dishing out and discussing many great wines and their suggestions on pairing with pizza.


The menu and pairings are fantastic;


2011 POGGIOTONDO Bianco Toscana I.G.T. Situated in the heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Pisa, Poggiotondo’s wines are a pure expression of the Chianti region. With utter respect for the environment, Alberto Antonini the owner and wine maker at Poggiotondo makes his wines in a modern style, whilst adhering to the true regional characteristics of Chianti in which the grapes are grown. Balance and harmony is the philosophy of all the Poggiotondo wines.


Paired with:

1. Burratta with smoked pancetta and avocado lemon oil

2. Margherita – fior di latte, tomato sauce, basil


2010 FONTANAFREDDA Briccotondo Piemonte Barbera The Fontanafredda estate is located on the former hunting preserve of the first king of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II and his mistress Rosa Vercellana. Planted to vine in 1878 by their firstborn son Count Emanuele Alberto di Mirafiore. Today, Fontanafredda is owned by legendary business man and creator of the “Slow food movement” Oscar Farinetti.  Farinetti spared no expense restoring this icon property to its former glory showing special care to preserving the history of the land even converting the forested area to a nature preserve.


Paired with:

1. Truffled mushrooms, fontina, chives

2. House made fennel sausage with ricotta and roasted onions


2010 ILLUMINATI Riparosso Situated in Central Italy, the town name (Colline Teramane) means hills of Teramo, this prime hilly site with outstanding growing conditions that the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wines of Illuminati can shine. For 120 years and 4 generations, the Illuminati vineyards have grown to become one of the jewels of Montepulciano.


Paired with

1. Potato and gorgonzola with smoked pancetta and roasted garlic (you have a picture of this one)

2. Fiore di latte, artichoke, roasted peppers and tomato sauce


2008 ALLEGRINI Palazzo Della Torre, Veronese I.G.T. Since the XVI century, the Allegrini family has carried on their agricultural activity at the family farm in Valpolicella.  Allegrini is one of the most awarded wineries who hold more Gambero Rosso awards than any other house in Italy. This wine consistently shines, winning 90+ points from wine spectator and other similar publications with every vintage


Paired with:

1. A surprise pizza that will really compliment this excellent wine

2. A surprise dessert pizza that will leave you talking about it.


This is sure to be a great night and a great start to our Wine Club Dinner series.


More information and tickets can be found here  Eventbrite - Wine Club Launch


You can also call the restaurant to book at 604-736-2220, just ask for Carmine.


We look forward to seeing you





Where to Find Free Parking for Honda Celebration of Light

Celebration of Light

Are you planning to head to the Honda Celebration of Light? This wonderful annual celebration of fireworks will happen on July 28th (Saturday) , August 1st (Wednesday), and August 4th (Saturday) at 10pm. This competition will showcase wonderful fireworks displays from Vietnam, Brazil and Italy

We’re not going to lie, we’re biased towards wanting Italy to win. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

If you’re looking for a great place to see the fireworks we recommend heading off to our neighborhood Kitsilano Beach or watching it over Burrard Street Bridge where you’ll get a spectacular view of the amazing light show. Especially if you’re looking for a place that’s less crowded than English Bay.

Blocks of Free Parking Available

If you plan to drive down to the Kitsilano area on weekend, there’s free parking available along Burrard Street between 4th and 6th Avenue heading both north and south with no time limits. You can also find free parking on 6th Avenue between Maple and Burrard Street next to the community gardens. Just don’t park in Zip Car zones.

These parking spots are expected to fill up fast. It’s a 15 minute brisk walk away to the beach and to Burrard Street Bridge.

Parking is also available for free after 6pm on weekdays along Burrard Street between 4th and 6th Avenue, in both directions.

The areas I’ve mentioned are not in the restricted parking access area.

Certain Neighborhoods Will Be Off Limits

Neighborhood access around Kits Point will start to be limited starting at 6:30 pm, and only residents with vehicle registration in that area will be let in. For more about which areas will be restricted, click here.

If you’re planning to spend the day or evening at Kitsilano Beach or planning to walk on over to Burrard Street Bridge, we suggest coming in for dinner first at Novo Pizzeria and Wine Bar, or if you’re worried about paying high prices for concession food that’s not going to fill you up, you can always place your pizza order to go. We recommend you calling 604-736-2220 to place your order in advance.

And please ensure that all pizza boxes are disposed of in a designated garbage or litter bin.

Most of all, if you are driving that night, please make sure that you don’t drink and drive.

For more information, visit Honda Celebration of Light.

Photo courtesy of Robbie Biller.

Bring Your Own Wine to Restaurants | BC Corkage Now Legal

Wine Starting July 19, 2012, it will now be legal for restaurant customers to bring in their own bottles of wine to Novo Pizzeria and Wine Bar, and other participating BC restaurants with liquor licenses. We couldn’t be happier with Minister Rich Coleman’s decision to allow for corkage to happen in BC.

Our closest friends and supporters all know how we feel about allowing corkage in BC restaurants. I think this tweets says it all.

We’re really happy about the BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine Program) because it enhances your experience when you come dine with us. We’ve been listening to our wonderful customers come in and passionately talk about how much they would love to bring in their own wine to enjoy with our pizzas. We know how important it is to them, and when people asked us where we stood on the issue, we always told them that we support corkage 100%.

Big Thank You Goes to All Those that Worked Hard Behind the Scenes

We want to thank everybody that has worked so hard to get the government and the media to notice this issue. We know we owe these people a big debt of gratitude for their never ending dedication and work that goes on behind the scenes. Thank you to all our customers who supported this decision. It has definitely been a great win/win situation for our customers and the restaurant.

Why Hesitate, Start Tonight and BYOW

Starting tonight, come down to dinner and bring in that great bottle of wine that you’ve been saving up for a special occasion and we’ll be happy to serve it to you and your wonderful guests. See you tonight with that gorgeous wine of yours.

Or if you’re looking to book a large party and want to bring in your own wine, then feel free to let us know as well. We’re happy to accommodate groups up to 30 or more.

Feel free to book with us on Open Table.