What is Burrata, and why should I try it?

Burrata, a word that tickles the salivary glands of foodies around the world. Made of a delightful medley of mozzarella and cream. This fresh Italian cheese has become extremely popular in recent years.

Where Burrata is from 

Burrata hails from southern Italy, dating back to 1900 in the city of Andria in the Apulian region – where Carmine’s family originated from!

What is Mozzarella

Mozzarella di bufala is traditionally made from Buffalo milk. A whey starter is added from a previous batch that contains thermophilic bacteria, the milk is left to ripen. Rennet is then added to coagulate the milk and afterwards, the curd is cut into 1-2” pieces and left to firm or “heal”.

After healing, it is cut down further, stirred and heated to separate the curds from the whey. The whey is then drained from curds and placed into a hoop. It is left to become kneadable, which is the last step in creating mozzarella. Mozzarella is normally cylindrical in shape and soft.

How Do You Make Burrata

Burrata has the same preparation process as mozzarella, using rennet to curdle the warm milk. However, burrata plunges its fresh mozza curds into hot whey or slightly salted water and is then kneaded, and pulled to form into a pouch, filled with mozzarella and topped with fresh cream.

How Do You Serve Burrata

In Italy, the finished burrata is wrapped in asphodel leaves (as they serve as an indicator of freshness).

When ready to serve, slice open the burrata and watch as the delicious, thick cream flows out. It’s best eaten within the day it’s opened. Pair it with salads, crusty bread, fresh tomatoes or pasta. Buon appetito!

NOVO dishes that feature Burrata

Burrata Antipasti – served with arugula, Campari tomatoes, house-made bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Burrata Pizza – served with fior di latte, burrata, smoked pancetta, olive oil, basil and sea salt

Wine to drink with Burrata - fresh cheeses pair well with wines that are crisp, fruity, grassy and light in colour. You can never go wrong with a Pinot Grigio.

Tuesday is the best day to order Burrata at NOVO Pizzeria & Wine Bar