De-Coding Pasta

One of my favourite things is the adventure of experiencing a new culture by visiting different cultural restaurants.  Let me take you on a tour through the Italian customs and the types of pastas so that you are feeling confident to order like a real Italiano in any Italian restaurant. 

Tagliatelle is a long flat noodle that consists of eggs, flour and water. The pasta is generally served fresh leaving noodles porous and coarse. This also allows the sauce to be absorbed and works best with thicker, meatier dishes. Originally served with bolognese, mushroom or carbonara sauces. At NOVO, our tagliatelle is served with rabbit ragu (now! that's an authentic Italian dish)

Fettuccini is a long flat pasta that translates into "little pasta". The recipe consists of eggs, flour and water. The larger noodle helps balance out a more powerful sauce but can be used with anything from light to a hearty sauce. 

Spaghetti is a long, cylinder type pasta and is also know as Chitarra. Spaghetti consists of eggs, flour and water. Light sauces that include a cream or oil base pair well with the thinness of the noodle. This dish is a crowd pleaser and famously served with tomato and meat sauce in North America. Aglio & Olio (spaghetti with garlic and olive oil) a remarkably light dish and absolutely delicious!

On your next visit to Italy, NOVO, or Nonna's house, follow the Traditions of Italy when eating pasta:

·      twirl your pasta gracefully with a fork, don't cut pasta

·      we are confident you can twirl without a spoon!

·      Fa la scarpetta - using bread "mop up" the sauce

NOVO Pizzeria is perfect for a cold night or to warm up out of the rain and enjoy a comforting plate of pasta or a delicious wood fire oven pizza.  Join us for your next party and we will bring the warm kitchen table atmosphere to you.